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Flight Change Policy of Delta Airlines

Flight Change Policy of Delta Airlines

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Nov 13 2019

Delta Airlines Change Flight

Delta Airlines allows the passengers to change flight with them afterward depending on the terms & conditions of their flight change policy. You also have to pay a certain amount of change flight fee to them then only you can apply flight change successfully. Further Delta Airlines change flight policy and fee to be paid in such situations is discussed below.

What is Delta Airlines change flight policy?

  • Delta Airlines passengers are allowed to change flight dates, time or destination.
  • Delta Airlines passengers are also allowed to change passenger names only when there is a minor spelling mistake or passenger’s surname has been changed due to reasons like marriage or divorce.
  • When Delta Airlines passengers apply the change in flight they have to pay a certain amount of flight change fee.
  • You can apply for flight change either online or you can contact Delta Airlines reservations executive to get help regarding applying flight change.

How much is the Delta Airlines flight change fee?

  • You have to pay 200 dollars as a flight change fee to Delta Airlines when you apply for a change on a domestic flight.
  • The international flight change fee is 200 dollars and can be increased based on flight length, destination or fare rule.
  • You have to pay 150 dollars when you apply for a change in award tickets.
  • Flight change fee for nonrefundable tickets is between 200 dollars to 500 dollars.
  • If you have booked a flight from the third party and now want to apply for a change in flight then you have to pay an extra 50 dollars plus the applied flight change fee.

How to avoid Delta flight change fees?

If you want to apply flight change and looking for ways to avoid flight change fee then you are at the correct place to get information. There are some tricks following which you can avoid to pay the flight change fee to Delta Airlines. Follow the ways discussed below to avoid Delta Airlines flight change fee:

  • Cancel your flights within 24 hours of original booking instead of applying for flight change is one of the tricks to avoid flight change fees. As within 24 hours, flight cancellation is free of cost and you will get a full ticket refund from them. Afterward, re-book a new flight based on your requirements.
  • Medallion members get a free same-day flight change facility and they don’t have to pay the flight change fees.
  • If you want to avoid Delta Airlines flight change fee then buy refundable or flexible tickets as it is possible to cancel them without any extra charge. This is how you can cancel a current flight and re-book a new one instead of applying a change in your current itinerary.

Hope now you have a clear understanding of Delta Airlines flight change policy and the fee you have to pay them. For more details contact Delta Airlines customer support.


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