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How to change United Airlines Flight

How to change United Airlines Flight

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Dec 09 2019

United Airlines Change Flight

The USA has always been one of the most preferred places by travelers all over the world. A lot of people travel to the USA for higher studies, job opportunities, and vacations. But still, a lot of people never dare to fly abroad because they can’t afford expensive flight tickets. But today there are lots of airlines that offer flight tickets to the USA and other countries at a highly reasonable price so that everyone can afford flying by air. Hence if you are also one of them then USA based United Airlines can be the best airline you can book your flight tickets in. Chicago based United Airlines is just not low cost but also one of the largest airlines in the USA offering daily flight services to and from the country. Suppose if you already have reservations in United Airlines and now want to change flight maybe because you want to board during the day or maybe some other day because you have some really important work to catch. In that case, there are few steps for the United Airlines change flight that you can follow below.

How do I change flight in United Airlines?

Steps to change flight online:

  • To change flight you need to visit the official website of United Airlines first.
  • As the website loads, look for manage bookings or my trips.
  • Once you find it, click and tap on change flight option under it.
  • On the next page you will be asked to enter the booking number and name of the passenger printed on the ticket.
  • Your entire booking details will load.
  • Scroll through the flight details and pick any alternative flight that you want to replace with the present one.
  • In the last confirm your flight change by tapping on change button.

And you are done. If you want to cancel your flight, you can easily do by following the same steps

For changing flight tickets you might have to pay for it depending upon the type of flight you are changing. To know more refer to the below details.

United Airlines Change Flight Fee

Charges on changing United Air flights:

  • If you have made bookings today but maybe because of change in plans you can change it the same day.
  • In case you change flight within 24 hours then you won’t be charged with any money.
  • But if you make changes after 24 hours or maybe right before flight’s departure, either you will be charged with some money or maybe won’t be allowed to make changes in flight.

Contact Customer Support

And thus you can follow the above details regarding flight change steps and fees. And in case of any doubt contact on customer support number which is always available on the number provided above to give you the best assistance and services.


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