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What is Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy

What is Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy

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Sep 27 2019

What is Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy

A lot of people travel to the USA every year. And because of the same reason, there are many prominent airlines operating services in the USA. And Delta Airlines is one of them, situated in Atlanta, Georgia. So if one has booked a ticket with Delta and now wants to cancel it then one can easily cancel tickets following Delta Airlines cancellation policy. One can refer to the below steps for canceling tickets.

Delta Airlines Cancellation Process

  • Visit the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Once the page loads, look for the ‘find your trip’ option and tap on ‘my trip’.
  • Now enter your name and booking number and tap on the ‘cancel’ option.

Every canceled ticket is subjected to some amount of refund depending upon the type of ticket you had purchased. Once you have cancelled your ticket there is Delta Airlines cancellation policy that sets the ground for the cancellation fee and refund of the canceled ticket. Therefore before applying for refund, you can go through below points.

Know Delta Cancellation Policy 

  • If you have booked tickets today and cancel it today only within 24 hours then you won’t be charged with any cancellation fee.
  • You can either visit the website or call up on reservation helpline for canceling your ticket.
  • If you cancel tickets beyond 24 hours then you will be charged with a fixed amount of cancellation fee.

Delta Airlines Refund Policy

  • If you have canceled your ticket within 24 hours of booking it then you will be getting the full refund.
  • If you have canceled a non-refundable ticket then instead of a cash refund you will get travel credit that you can use for purchasing the next flight on Delta.
  • If you cancel non-refundable tickets due to emergency like a family member’s death then you will get the refund after showing the death certificate.
  • If Delta airlines cancel its own flight due to weather or any technical issue then you will either be adjusted in another flight or get a refund.

Hence you would be charged with some cancellation amount on every canceled ticket. And you can refer to the below points for more information regarding the Delta Airlines cancellation fee.

Delta Airlines Cancellation Fee 

A cancellation fee of Delta depends on the time, place and kind of ticket you purchased. And the refund you will be getting will be calculated after deducting cancellation charges which are different for every ticket.

Delta airlines is one of the airlines that is famous for its top class service and customer-centric approach. It provides clients with many in-flight services like entertainment, mouth-watering food, free Wi-Fi and much more. The passengers are also provided with the facility to manage their booking online and to cancel the flight if necessary.

Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy 24 hours

The passengers have the facility of canceling the flight online but they should also be familiar with the cancellation policy especially with the policy of 24 hours. Here we continue with the cancellation policy of Delta Airlines.

  • The passenger can cancel the flight only if the ticket is refundable.
  • The passenger, if canceling the ticket within 24 hours of the date of purchase, can cancel it for free. No cancelation charges will be applicable to the passenger.  
  • After the cancelation of the ticket is done, the passenger will be issued with the credit card that will be valid for one year.
  • The passenger will be entitled to refund if the flight is canceled for more than 90 minutes.

For canceling tickets booked within 24 hours, there are no grounds of cancellation charges as discussed above. The Delta Airlines cancellation policy of 24 hours is beneficial for the passengers if they want to cancel the flight. It is for this reason that the cancellation policy should be studied comprehensively.

Therefore for Delta Airlines 24 hours cancellation, you don’t have to do much but in case, you face issues regarding cancellation and refund of tickets purchased after 24 hours then you can reach out to Delta customer support for more help. They operate 24 hours a day.




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